Jason McCreadie is a Glasgow based multimedia artist & multidimensional traveler on a        Mission to reflect true beauty & spirituality through the medium of Art and House Music

He has drawn & painted since he was a child and in recent years has focused on creating        Abstract & Spiritual portraits as well as helping create Logos and Branding for many new       businesses, he loves helping people turn their ideas into a Graphic Reality.

In 2011, on a whim, Jason sent his first Angel drawing to Kyle Gray. It portrayed Archangel        Metatron, which happened to be Kyle’s favourite Archangel, and an immediate bond was formed. Jason’s company Vectraits and Kyle decided to work together for Hayhouse on the Angel Prayer Oracle Cards with the aim to create a deck with modern day, multicultural imagery.

Their work has started to gain worldwide interest and brings people from all walks of life closer to their Angels and the Angelic realms.The Oracle Cards are out now and have become one of the best selling Tarot decks in the country.

Jason also DJs & Produces House Music and remixes for many record labels around the world under the name ‘Jace Syntax’. Jasons’ sound is as spiritual as his visuals and when hes not painting, hes creating uplifting, futuristic dance music.

Jason is available for private Art Commissions. So feel free to Contact him via the Contact Us page. Namaste


Angel Prayers Oracle Cards on AmazonKyle Grays Angel Prayers Oracle Cards out now!