This is the Spiritual ‘Celestial Being’. This was my 1st attempt at using Corels Painter 12    Android Jones workspace. This image was improvised and no references where used. I wanted to convey the wonder of a face to face meeting with a being from another world or dimension. The software used allowed for some real abstract twists and textures adding chaos to the barely human face. I look forward to mastering these tools to create more otherworldly visuals.

I can do personal self portraits incorporating these techniques. Get in touch if you want your face blasted into the future. 

The Prints come signed and are High Quality Lazer Prints, printed with standard Matt 230GSM Silk Paper.

Please allow up to 11 working days for delivery of Giclee Prints. Please be sure to add your current Phone Number and Shipping Address when ordering via Paypal. Thanks. Jason x

Copyright Jason Mccreadie, 2014. All rights reserved.



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